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BattlePlugins is a free, open-source, software project that provides a complete PvP Arena system for Minecraft.

Welcome to BattlePlugins. The second iteration of the very popular suite of Battle Plugins for Bukkit. We’re the guys who brought you BattleArena, BattleTracker, and all the other amazing Battle-prefixed plugins you might use! We also have our own API: “Battle Arena API” for anyone who wants to code their own plugin that hooks in.

As you might have heard, our original lead devs have stepped down and this plugin is now in the hands of a new team of equally talented developers. We’d like to give a shoutout to lDucks and Alkarin_V for making BattlePlugins what it is today.

We’re always looking for free hands, be it coding, designing assets, or providing support and maintaining this Wiki. More details bellow: Noticed something wrong with the wiki? Contact the Wiki Staff!

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The BattlePlugins Wiki is choc full of helpful tutorials, articles, and documentation to help you get familiar with all aspects of the BattlePlugins project. This Wiki hosts the official documentation for everything BattlePlugins. If you can't find something, be sure to request that it be added; if we don't know something is missing, we can't fix it!

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