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For yaml files that allow you to specify items. To add a new item you must add a new element to the list. Colors are RGB format with values from 0-255.

  • - itemName: [options] <quantity>


  • - diamond_sword: sharp:5 knockback:3 fire:1 lore="Uber Sword!" 1
  • - leather_helm: lore="My Helm Keeps Me Safe" color=255,255,255 1


Config Example

Inserting an item with giveClass inside of the Game configs. In this example it's being done onSpawn, but it can be done anywhere. Skirmish:

       - gold_ingot: 2
       - leather_boots: color=0,0,0 displayName="StealthShoes" lore="Ancient Elven boots\nMade by Legolas Greenleaf" 1

As you can see, you can have multiple lines of lore using the new-line character to separate each line.

In the above example, line1 is Ancient Elven boots

And line2 is Made by Legolas Greenleaf

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