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Leaderboard Signs

You can make leaderboard signs for PvP, PvE, or any other plugin that uses BattleTracker as a backend (like BattleArena). These signs will update every minute. To make them, you make a sign where the first line is [ database name ] where database name is PvP,PvE, or if you have BattleArena, any of the databases from the configs, like Arena, Spleef. The second line is what type of data will be shown. Examples: Rating, Wins, Kills, Losses, Deaths, Streak, MaxStreak, KDRatio, WLRatio, MaxRating

  • Example:

Once that is done, the sign is complete and it will automatically convert signs above or below it into Top Signs, (though it won't convert signs that start with the character '[').

  • Picture:
A snapshot of the sign.
A snapshot of the sign.

Personal Stats

Clicking on a leaderboard sign will show you your personal stats. A big thanks to [MCForger] for the code to do this.

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