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Adding Waitrooms

Many people like to have waitrooms for their games. To add a waitroom to the game you need to do the following.

  • <game> setOption onJoin teleportWaitRoom

Once this is done, you need to add at least one waitroom to each of your arenas.

  • To add a waitroom to your arena, stand in the place you want it to be and type /<game> alter <arena name> waitroom 1

You can choose to teleport the players in onJoin which will happen when they join the game, or onPrestart which will teleport them to the waitroom some seconds before the game starts. If you want to allow people to join through signs see Signs for joining


Say you want to add a waitroom for the skirmish game, and you have a skirmish arena called SkArena

  • /skirmish setOption onJoin teleportWaitRoom
  • /skirmish alter SkArena waitroom 1 : make sure you are standing where you want it to be

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