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Tournaments are a series of single elimination bracketed matches until only 1 victor remains (think the NCAA basketball tournament). Tournaments can be started on any game that has a queue. Such as arena,skirmish,col, or if you have them downloaded, Paintball and Spleef pb, spleef(can be found on bukkit).

Auto run a Tournament event

The simplest way to make a tournament happen. It will announce instructions every minute until it starts, default 3 minutes. /tourney auto <match type>

  • Example: /tourney auto arena

Running a tournament by yourself

You will need to open and start the tournament

  • /tourney open <matchtype>
    • Example: /tourney open skirmish
  • /tourney start

Cancelling the tournament

  • /tourney cancel

Declaring a winner of a match

This is not a tournament option, but it's useful sometimes if something unexpected occurs

  • /arena winner <player name>

Full commands, with all options

Valid Options:

  • Rated, Unrated
  • teamSize=<range>: Example teamSize=1 ( 1 player per team ): Example teamSize=2 (2 players per team)
  • nTeams=<range>: Example nTeams=2 (2 teams per tournament match), Example nTeams=4 (4 teams per tournament match)
  • This must be a power of 2. For example 2,4,8,16...
  • silent : Dont announce event messages
  • time=<# seconds> : Example time=60, seconds till event starts (only used for auto)
  • interval=<# seconds>: How often to announce this event is starting messages (only used for auto)


  • /tourney auto arena unrated teamSize=1 will run an unrated tourney with team size 1
  • /tourney auto arena teamSize=2 will run a tourney with teams of 2 players
  • /tourney auto arena teamSize=1 nTeams=4 will run an unrated tourney with 4 players against each other for each tournament match
  • /tourney auto arena time=60 interval=20 will run a tourney in one minute with announcements every 20 seconds to join

Other Useful Options

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