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Join Phase Games

Games that have a join phase must be "opened", then "started". While "opened" players can join and leave. You must then "start" the game. You can "open" and "start" the match by doing the command /<event> auto, which will open the game for 3 minutes(configurable) then start it automatically.

Auto run

The simplest way to make an event happen. Do it automatically, it will announce instructions every minute until it starts.

  • /<event> auto

Example: /ffa auto

Opening an event

If you want to control when it opens and starts, use the commands:

  • /<event> open
  • /<event> start


  • /ffa open
  • /ffa start

Cancelling an event

  • /<event> cancel

Declaring a winner of a match

This is not a tournament option, but it's useful sometimes if something unexpected occurs /arena winner <player name>

Full commands with all options

Valid Options:

  • Rated, Unrated
  • teamSize=<range>: Example teamSize=1+ ( 1 or more players per team ): Example teamSize=2 (2 players per team)
  • nTeams=<range>: Example nTeams=2 (2 teams competing), Example nTeams=2+ (2 or more teams, useful for tournaments)
  • silent : Dont announce event messages
  • time=<seconds> : Example time=60, seconds till event starts (only used for auto)
  • interval=<seconds>: How often to announce this event is starting messages (only used for auto)
  • arena=<arena>: Specify a specific arena to run this event in.


  • /ffa auto teamSize=1 nTeams=2+ will run a free for all
  • /ffa auto teamSize=2 nTeams=2+ will run a 2 team free for all
  • /ffa auto teamSize=1+ nTeams=2 will run a competition between 2 teams. Last team with players alive wins.

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