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Valid Options

Normal Options

Valid options for all stages (excluding preReqs):

  • clearInventory : clears the inventory of the player
  • giveItems: give the player the specified items. needs a list under items: Valid Item Enchants
  • teleportWaitroom : teleports a player into a waitroom
  • teleportIn : teleports a player into the arena
  • teleportOut : Teleport a player out of the arena
  • teleportTo: <world,x,y,z> : teleport players to the given location (This is placed underneath options)
  • noTeleport : Prevent users from teleporting
  • noWorldChange : Prevent users from teleporting across worlds
  • health=<health amount> : set the health of the player (20 is max)
  • healthp=<health percentage> : set the percentage health of a player (100 is max)
  • hunger=<hunger amount> : set the hunger of the player (20 is max)
  • money=<money to give> : give the player money
  • experience=<exp to give> : give the player experience
  • pvpOn : set PvP damage to be on (overrides most other plugins). Friendly fire is off
  • pvpOff : set PvP damage to be off (overrides most other plugins). No damage between players permitted
  • invincible : make players invincible
  • invulnerable=
  • blockBreakOff : Turn off block breaking
  • blockBreakOn : turn on block breaking (overrides most other plugins)
  • blockPlaceOff : Turn off placing blocks
  • blockPlaceOn : Turn on placing blocks (overrides most other plugins)
  • dropItemOff : Disallow player to drop items
  • disguiseAll=<name>: disguise all players with the given value
  • undisguise: undisguise players
  • enchants: needs a list of potion effects under enchants. Potion Effect List
  • deEnchant: get rid of all potion effects on player. If you have Heroes it will also remove heroes effects.
  • gameMode=<GameMode> : Set the gamemode of the player, [adventure, creative, normal]
  • doCommands : do the specified commands as the console or player. Needs a list underneath called commands:
  • storeExperience/restoreExperience: store/restore Experience
  • storeItems/restoreItems : store/restore
  • storeAll/restoreAll : store/restore experience, items, health, hunger, magic, gamemode
  • flightOff : set the players flight off
  • flightOn : set the players flight on
  • flightSpeed=<float> : set the players flight speed

Defaults Options

Options that are only valid inside defaults:

  • alwaysOpen: This game once started never ends (automatically sets alwaysJoin as well)
  • individualWins: A player can win or lose separately and not end the game
  • armorTeams : Use colored armor for teams
  • woolTeams: if there is more than 1 player on a team, give them wool heads
  • alwaysWoolTeams: always give the players wool heads
  • alwaysTeamNames: always use the team names (like red/blue) as opposed to the player names

Prerequisite Options

Options that are valid preReqs:

  • noInventory : Players can not join or be teleported into the arena if they have items.
  • needArmor : Players need to have armor to join or be teleported in
  • needItems : Players will need items to join, needs a list under items:
  • money=<money> : Charge money for players to join this type of match/event.
  • sameWorld : Players will need to be in the same world as the arena to join
  • withinDistance=<x> : make players be within x blocks of the arena in order to join (based off of the arena spawnpoints)
  • levelRange=<range> : Only allow players that have the specified levels to join.
    • Examples. levelRange:10+ , only allow players that have 10 or more levels to join (Works with Heroes classes). levelRange: 2-5 , only allow players from levels 2 through 5 to join


An example that will save/restore a players inventory, charge them 10 money, and only allows players to join between levels 2 and 10. skirmish:

       options: [money=10, levelRange=2-10]
       options: [storeAll]
       options: [restoreAll]

An example that will require players to bring in their own equipment that will charge them 10 money. They will also have to have at least a diamond sword and a bow with 16 arrows. They will take whatever they get from the loser. skirmish:

       options: [money=10, levelRange=2-10, needItems]
           - diamond_sword: 1
           - bow: 1
           - arrow: 1
       options: []
       options: []

onJoin Options

Options that are only valid inside onJoin:

  • alwaysJoin : Allow players to join at any time

onDeath or Normal Options

  • randomSpawn: Spawn the player at a random spawn location. You should place this inside of onDeath or wherever you teleport a player inside. 'teleportIn'

onDeath Options

valid options for onDeath. You can also use any of the Normal options, but the following are special to onDeath only(or just very useful).

  • clearInventory : clears the item drops
  • respawn: respawn the player (This options should only be used in onDeath:)
  • randomRespawn: respawn the player at a random spawn location (This options should only be used in onDeath:)
  • keepInventory: When players die they respawn with their same inventory (also will not drop items on death)
  • noExperienceLoss: Keep Experience when you die (great for a mobarena)

onSpawn Options

valid options for onSpawn. You can also use any of the Normal options, but the following are special to

  • respawnWithClass: respawn the player with whatever class they selected before death (if any)



Say you want the winners to go to a special location, like a prize room, or maybe as a gateway to another world. Skirmish:

       options: [... ]
       teleportTo: prizeworld,33,44,55


Assuming that when players enter the arena you want them to be deopped and you want them to not have fly Skirmish:

       options: []
           - console deop player # will run the command 'deop player' from the console, where player becomes the player name
           - player fly off # will run the command 'fly off' as the player


    - console tell player Kill recorded !!!
    - health=20.0
    - money=1.0
    - experience=1000
    - giveItems
    - arrow: 10
    - diamond: 1

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