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Chest/Block spawns

These commands will allow you to respawn chests and blocks. Note! This is not for entire arena regeneration, for that please use the worldguard regions ( Adding WorldGuard Regions). To add a spawn for an chest or block do the following. use the command ArenaAlter (aa).

  1. /aa select <arena> : select the arena you want to alter
  2. /aa addBlock : Will ask you then to click a block that you want saved

Chest Example

Let's say you have the arena BlitzArena and you want to have it respawn with weapons and armor.

  1. You need to put all the items you want to be respawned inside the chest. Once that is done then...
  2. /aa select BlitzArena : select the BlitzArena
  3. /aa addBlock : This should ask you to select the block
  4. Click the chest block, this should give you a message confirming the click

Once this is done you can see what will be respawned using

  • /aa showSpawns : show the current spawns for this arena

And to hide the spawns

  • /aa hideSpawns : hide the spawns for this arena

Item/Mob spawns

Basic Commands

To add a spawn for an item or mob do the following. use the command ArenaAlter (aa).

  1. /aa select <arena> : select the arena you want to alter
  2. /aa addSpawn <mob> <amount> : add a mob spawn to your location.
  3. /aa addSpawn <item> <amount> : add the amount of items to your location


  1. /aa addSpawn wolf 1 : add a wolf to your location. Index # 1
  2. /aa addSpawn wolf 1 : add 2nd wolf to your location. Index # 2
  3. /aa addSpawn diamond_sword 1 : add a diamond sword to your location. Index # 3
  4. /aa addSpawn arrow 32 : add 32 arrows to your location. Index # 4

All Options

There are several options you can use for spawning

  • fs=<seconds> : First spawn time (counted from when the match starts)
  • rs=<seconds> : Respawn time, how often will the item respawn (counted from the first spawn)
  • i=<index> : Index, allows you to change a previous spawn (put at the end of the command)


Lets say you messed up and you didn't want the diamond_sword from the Basic Commands example. That item was placed at Index 3 (it will tell you in game when you create the spawns or you can use /aa listSpawns.

  1. /aa addSpawn log 1 i=3 : replaces whatever is at Index#3 ( diamond sword from the example)

Now lets say you really want that log to be wool that respawns every 15 seconds

  1. /aa addSpawn wool 1 rs=15 i=3 : replaces whatever is at Index#3 ( now a log)

More Examples

  1. /aa addSpawn bow fs=30 rs=50 1: Spawns one bow 30 seconds into the game, and respawns it every 50 seconds after that.
  2. /aa addSpawn diamond rs=50 fs=30 1 if you wanted.
  3. /aa addSpawn diamond_sword sharp:1 1 also works to add enchants.

Deleting Spawn

  1. /aa deleteSpawn <index> : Delete the spawn at the specified index

List Spawns

  1. /aa listSpawns : List the spawns for this arena

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