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General Questions

How do I make leaderboards?

You will need BattleTracker.

Where it says Player1[0] ,how do I make it so they start of with 1200 rating?

You will need BattleTracker.

How do I enable player ranking, and /arena top?

You will need BattleTracker.

My server crashed and players lost their items. What can I do to fix it?

There is a system in place that stores the players inventories and you can give those items back. See Admin Debug Commands - Listing a players saved inventories

What's the difference between Matches and Events?

The primary difference is how they are started by default, and how you join.

  • Matches have a waiting queue, and the competition will start when enough people join
  • Events are usually started by an admin, where there is an announcement and a phase where people can join.

What makes it tricky is there are a lot of options to start both in different ways. Matches can be started with defaultOptions.matchEnableForceStart: true which will make the game start after a set time as long as the minimum number of teams have joined. Events can be started with defaultOptions.allowPlayerCreation which allows them to auto start their own events. Events can also skip the join phase by enabling a ready block defaultOptions.enablePlayerReadyBlock: true

Message Questions

How do I change who gets messages?

There is a section in the config.yml that shows how to set up messages to the server and players. Message Options

Config Questions

I don't want people to drop items. What can I do?

Clearing players inventory on death

I want to change how many people can play. What can I do?

You change these by changing the options nTeams (number of teams), and teamSize (how many players per team, 1 for solo). Here are some examples

Where is the list of item enchants!!!!??

View the following page Item Enchants

How do you change the number of players in a match?

Check out the Config setup help - Changing the number of players on each team

How do you make a arena were people bring their own equipment?

You take out the option clearInventory from both these stages, preReqs and onComplete. Complete example with players bringing their own equipment:

                       ### Skirmish 
                           enabled: true
                           prefix: "&b[Skirmish]&e"
                               options: []
                               options: [teleportIn, pvpOn]
                               options: [teleportOut]

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