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Item Enchants

Valid formats are

  • <name>
  • <name>:<power>


  • - diamond_sword sharp:3 fire:2 1 ( give 1 diamond sword with sharpness 3 and fire 2)

Enchant Table

EID Plugin Abbr. Minecraft Name Bukkit API Class Max Level Description
0 prot Protection PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL 4 Reduces damage
1 protfire Fire Protection PROTECTION_FIRE 4 Reduces damage from fire
2 protfall Feather Falling PROTECTION_FALL 4 Reduces damage from falling
3 protblast Blast Protection PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS 4 Reduces damage from explosions
4 protproj or protarrow Projectile Protection PROTECTION_PROJECTILE 4 Gives protection against projectiles
5 respiration, oxygen Respiration OXYGEN 3 Decreases rate of air use when underwater
6 aqua Aqua Affinity WATER_WORKER 1 Increase underwater mining speed
7 thorns Thorns THORNS 3 Chance of attacker receiving damage
16 sharp Sharpness DAMAGE_ALL 5 Gives extra damage to all targets
17 smite Smite DAMAGE_UNDEAD 5 Extra damage to undead targets
18 arth Bane of Arthropods DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS 5 Extra damage to spiders and silverfish
19 knockback Knockback KNOCKBACK 2 Knocks back targets when hit
20 fire Fire Aspect FIRE_ASPECT 2 Chance of setting fire to target
21 loot Looting LOOT_BONUS_MOBS 3 Gives a chance for extra loot from mobs
32 eff Efficiency DIG_SPEED 5 Increase the speed at which you mine or dig
33 silk Silk Touch SILK_TOUCH 1 Allows blocks to drop instead of fragments (ie: stone instead of cobblestone)
34 unbreaking Unbreaking DURABILITY 3 Increases item durability
35 fortune Fortune LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS 3 Increases chance of extra drops from blocks
48 power Power ARROW_DAMAGE 5 Increases damage from arrows fired from bow
49 punch Punch ARROW_KNOCKBACK 2 Arrows knock back target
50 flame Flame ARROW_FIRE 1 Shoot flaming arrows
51 inf Infinity ARROW_INFINITE 1 Gives inifinite arrows when using a bow

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