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Item Enchants

Valid formats are

  • <name>
  • <name>:<power>


  • - diamond_sword sharp:3 fire:2 1 ( give 1 diamond sword with sharpness 3 and fire 2)

Enchant Table

EID Plugin Abbr. Minecraft Name Bukkit API Class Max Level Description
0 prot Protection PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL 4 Reduces damage
1 protfire Fire Protection PROTECTION_FIRE 4 Reduces damage from fire
2 protfall Feather Falling PROTECTION_FALL 4 Reduces damage from falling
3 protblast Blast Protection PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS 4 Reduces damage from explosions
4 protproj or protarrow Projectile Protection PROTECTION_PROJECTILE 4 Gives protection against projectiles
5 respiration, oxygen Respiration OXYGEN 3 Decreases rate of air use when underwater
6 aqua Aqua Affinity WATER_WORKER 1 Increase underwater mining speed
7 thorns Thorns THORNS 3 Chance of attacker receiving damage
8 strider Depth Strider DEPTH_STRIDER 3 Increases underwater movement speed
9 frost_walker Frost Walker FROST_WALKER 2 Creates a frosted ice pathway when walking over water
10 binding_curse Curse of Binding BINDING_CURSE 1 Makes the item unable to be unequipped if in an armor slot
16 sharp Sharpness DAMAGE_ALL 5 Gives extra damage to all targets
17 smite Smite DAMAGE_UNDEAD 5 Extra damage to undead targets
18 arth Bane of Arthropods DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS 5 Extra damage to spiders and silverfish
19 knockback Knockback KNOCKBACK 2 Knocks back targets when hit
20 fire Fire Aspect FIRE_ASPECT 2 Chance of setting fire to target
21 loot Looting LOOT_BONUS_MOBS 3 Gives a chance for extra loot from mobs
22 sweep Sweeping Edge SWEEPING_EDGE 3 Increases sweep attack damage
32 eff Efficiency DIG_SPEED 5 Increase the speed at which you mine or dig
33 silk Silk Touch SILK_TOUCH 1 Allows blocks to drop instead of fragments (ie: stone instead of cobblestone)
34 unbreaking Unbreaking DURABILITY 3 Increases item durability
35 fortune Fortune LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS 3 Increases chance of extra drops from blocks
48 power Power ARROW_DAMAGE 5 Increases damage from arrows fired from bow
49 punch Punch ARROW_KNOCKBACK 2 Arrows knock back target
50 flame Flame ARROW_FIRE 1 Shoot flaming arrows
51 inf Infinity ARROW_INFINITE 1 Gives infinite arrows when using a bow
61 luck Luck of the Sea LUCK 3 Increases luck when fishing
62 lure Lure LURE 3 Increases the chance of catching fish
70 mending Mending MENDING 1 Repairs items when xp is gathered
71 vanishing_curse Curse of Vanishing VANISHING_CURSE 1 Removes the enchanted item on death

1.13+ Enchants

These enchantments currently have no ID as they were added in 1.13+ which removed the usage of IDs. Due to how the enchantment system is built in BattleArena, there is still support for using enchantment IDs for the enchants that have them.

Plugin Abbr. Minecraft Name Bukkit API Class Max Level Description
channeling Channeling CHANNELING 1 Trident enchant that strikes lightning on impact
impaling Impaling IMPALING 5 Adds damage to trident (equivalent of Sharpness for tridents)
loyalty Loyalty LOYALTY 3 Returns trident to player when thrown
riptide Riptide RIPTIDE 3 Turns the trident into a fast transportation device when in water or raining
multishot Multishot MULTISHOT 1 Shoots 3 arrows on each shot from crossbows whilst only consuming 1 from the inventory
piercing Piercing PIERCING 4 Allows arrows from crossbows to pierce through level +1 entities when shot
quick_charge Quick Charge QUICK_CHARGE 3 Reduces reload time for crossbow

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