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Scheduling Games

You can schedule games so that they run periodically. You just add events to the scheduler and start it.

  • Add the events you want to run by using /bas add <commands>
  • Start the scheduled events /bas start

you can change the time values in the BattleArena/config.yml under 'defaultOptions.timeBetweenScheduledEvents'


  • /bas shorthand for battleArenaScheduler
  • /bas add <commands that you would normally type to start an event>


  • /bas add tourney auto skirmish
  • /bas add ffa auto
  • /bas add ffa auto teamSize=1+ nTeams=2

Running the scheduled events

This will run the scheduled events in order. Starting when the previous finishes.

  • /bas start

Deleting Events

  • /bas delete <number>

Stopping the events

  • /bas stop

Listing Scheduled Events

  • /bas list

Running Scheduled Events at startup

Other Useful Options

Running Events at Startup


Default Games

Custom Games

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