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[[Category: BattleArena:Power]]
[[Category: BattleArena:Power]]

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perm: arena.leave


perm: arena.join.<game>


  • arena.join.arena
  • arena.join.skirmish
  • arena.join.colosseum
  • arena.join.battleground
  • arena.join.tourney
  • arena.join.freeforall
  • arena.join.deathmatch

Class Signs

  • arena.class.use.<classname>
  • arena.class.use.* <- for all signs


  • arena.class.use.gladiator


  • arena.duel.<game>


  • arena.duel.skirmish
  • arena.duel.spleef

Exempting players from being challenged to a duel

If you don't want to be challenged add the following permission to the player/group

  • arena.duel.exempt

Permissions for Other Plugins using BattleArena

It's the same as above only substitute the name of the new type Examples:

  • arena.join.paintball : for paintball
  • arena.join.spleef : for spleef
  • arena.join.capturetheflag : for ArenaCTF (Capture the Flag)

Team Permissions

If you want players to be able to create their own teams, for example to always play with a certain friend. The players will need the following permissions.

  • arena.team.create
  • arena.team.join


Permission to create,delete, etc. You can either be op or have the following

perm: arena.admin

Adding Permissions

(Default) If you don't have a permissions plugin

You can use this as a starting point for your server. Copy this

Example Permissions

and put it into your servers permission.yml. Then change as you want later.


You need to add the permissions to whatever your default group is.

  • pex group <group> add <permission>

Examples (if my default group was called players)

  • pex group players add arena.skirmish.join
  • pex group players add arena.ctf.join

Group Manager

Use this command to add permissions to the default group

  • mangaddp <group> <permission>

Examples (if my default group was called players)

  • mangaddp players arena.battleground.join
  • mangaddp players arena.colosseum.join
  • mangaddp players arena.ctf.join

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