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A Parkour system that allows you to create Parkour arenas where you can specify checkpoints and victory locations. Configurable so that players can join solo or against each other. Prizes can be handed out to the winner and many other configurable options.


  • When making an arena make sure to have at least one checkpoint and one victory point. You can have as many victory points and checkpoints as you like!
  • To make a checkpoint you need to use your WorldEdit wand to select a region, then type the commands below in the Commands Section.

Let everyone play solo

  1. Copy this [ParkourConfig.yml] and paste into your ArenaParkour/ParkourConfig.yml
  2. Afterwards just do /pk reload



  • - Allows a player to join a Parkour Arena
  • arena.leave - Allows the player to leave the arena


  • Player's are teleported to the last checkpoint by doing /pk last or when their health reaches below zero.


Use your WorldEdit wand to select a region for the commands that need regions.

  • /pk acp <checkpointnumber> - Adds a checkpoint with the number you provided an example is like if you already have a checkpoint 1 then you would do /pk acp 2
  • /pk avp <victorypointnumber> - Adds the game victory point. When any of these victory checkpoints are reached they well finish the game depending on options in BattleArena.
  • /pk ccp - Clears all checkpoints in the arena
  • /pk cvp - Clears all victorypoints in the arena
  • /pk last - Teleports you to your last checkpoint
  • /pk last <checkpoint> - Teleports you to this checkpoint


[Youtube tutorial (thank you IngrownPenguin)]

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